Battlereport: Steel Legion vs Thousand Sons Between Gunnar and me. Gunnar took his Legion: REGIMENTAL HQ [500] Supreme Commander, 12 Infantry, 7 Chimera INFANTRY COMPANY [275] Commander, 12 Infantry, 1 Sniper WARLORD CLASS TITAN [825]  THUNDERBOLT FIGHTERS [150] 2 Thunderbolts DEATHSTRIKE MISSILE BATTERY [200] 2 Deathstrike Missile Launchers SENTINEL SQUADRON [100] 4 Sentinels SENTINEL SQUADRON [100] 4 Sentinels TANK COMPANY […]

Warmaster Daemons of Nurgle Part 1

This is Part 1 of my Nurgle Army Projekt. But it is more the first time I’m writing in this blog about it. Me and Nurgle go way back ;). Anyway I finished today my two units of Daemon Chariots for my little Warmaster army. i had to scratch build them because GW never released […]