Warmaster Daemons of Nurgle Part 1

This is Part 1 of my Nurgle Army Projekt. But it is more the first time I’m writing in this blog about it. Me and Nurgle go way back ;).

Anyway I finished today my two units of Daemon Chariots for my little Warmaster army. i had to scratch build them because GW never released any models. At least nurgle ones that is.

I had some Warmaster Ork Character Chariots lying around and used some old plastic skeleton head for the front bumper.  I duplicated the nurgle symbol that comes with an 40K Chaos Rhino via green stuff press form. And there we go:

The only thing left is the stuff puling that thing. A friend of mine is sending me some 6mm gurgle beast that might work well. We will see. Till next time.


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